Smartforms Inc  

Where Imagination Meets Innovation
Smartforms Inc. is the name of the design and production company that is responsible for all creations made of SmartBoard™ materials, alongside being the research and developer for cutting edge products of the future. Smartforms turns SmartBoard™ into artforms.

SmartBoard™ is the material chosen by Smartforms Inc. to save our clients significant amounts of money and provide a strong graphic impact in a green, responsible manner.

Advantages of Smartboard
• Made in the USA
• Can be cut, angled and curved
• Crush proof to 160/sq.inch
• Cost savings from purchase, weight, packing and shipping;
1/5 the weight of wood
• Fire rated for all indoor events
• 80% Recycled paper content
• Free from pvc and formaldehyde
• Easy to refresh and tailor your brand messaging

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